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Bhop (bunny hop) - is a skill to jump faster in FPS and simulation games. It is simply parkour with air strafes. Turn left and right (strafing) while jumping to get more speed and finish maps faster than other bhoppers.
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5 May 2021
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Bhop GO is a simulation game based on the jumping technique of CS: GO. In the game, you turn into a soldier whose task is to jump and move across different maps to get to the end point.

First of all, we would like to clarify that Bhop GO is not a first person shooter. In case you don’t know, Bhop stands for Bunny Hop, a movement technique for CS: GO players. It helps you move faster based on jumping, making it harder to aim the enemy at you.

Your mission in Bhop GO is to jump, not fight

In the game, you are a soldier, also armed with weapons. But your main task is to overcome obstacles and go through scenes with extremely difficult terrain, where in just a minute of carelessness you can fall into the abyss. You have no enemies and you don’t need to kill anyone. And the weapon that you hold in your hand is just for beauty.

These are your immediate and short-term goals. There is a deeper, human meaning behind this. According to the developers, Bhop GO is the place where you train your jumping skills so that later you can participate in other shooting games without any surprises.

About gameplay

First, when you enter the game, you will choose a soldier and a weapon. When you’re done, two buttons will appear on the screen. The left side is for left, right, up and down movement, the right side is for the jump operation. You just need to touch these two buttons to control your character.

There are hundreds of different types of maps and scenes in the game depending on your preference. The general rule remains the same: jump to cover distances or overcome obstacles. From time to time along the way you will come across cool accessories and equipment that will make your travel a little easier, such as high jumps, parachutes When you play this game: your soldier’s running speed will increase, faster and faster. You cannot slow down even a little.

You also need to avoid obstacles as they will slow down your jump. Rest stops (also called checkpoints) should be visited along the way. Here you will have time to relax a little, calm down and continue exploring the map to see what awaits you. If you are playing and see a coin along the way, just grab it, because it will help you unlock weapons and have some more interesting items to help you on your journey.

Graphics and sound

As for the sound, I don’t really have much to say, because most of the background music is calm, quiet. Perhaps the developers chose such a sound so as not to distract the player from passing the levels.

But there is a lot to be said about the schedule. Bhop GO has scenes that give me goosebumps. This is achieved by a large number of obstacles that can easily kill a stray player.

How the mod works in the game Bhop GO

  1. Go to the play store.
  2. Buy whatever item you want.
  3. When the paytable appears, turn it off.
  4. You received a failed purchase message but made a successful purchase.


● Maps objects fixed: Egyptian Balls.
● Maps lights fixed: Egyptian Balls, Manpoo, Flying Islands, Time To Time, Light Road, Color Cubes, Old Bridge, Violet Violence, Castle, Rainbow.
● Textures changed: Nila, Painhop, Csr, Brk
● Some Bug Fixes and Improvements.



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