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Blockbusters is a competitive online multiplayer PvP third person hero shooter with excellent 3D graphics and enthralling gameplay.
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Heyworks LLC
20 May 2021
6.0 and later versions
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Blockbusters for Android is a shooter for Android, which resembles Valorant for many players. Blockbusters uses a third person perspective instead of a first one, which gives you a broader perspective but lacks practicality because you don’t see combat from the character’s point of view. You can also only use one weapon of your choice before starting a match. So don’t think that you can pick up an improved weapon from a dead enemy.

Heroes will automatically shoot enemies when you aim at them. You don’t need to aim and fire manually, but you do need to pay attention to two things that affect bullet accuracy: range and recoil.

Blockbusters default mode is Team Deathmatch. Battles are held in a 6 by 6 format for 2 minutes. You and your teammates are trying to destroy as many enemies as possible. If one guy dies, he respawns at the base after 3 seconds. When the time is up, the team that kills more kills wins.

Graphics in the game Blockbusters for android

Graphics are a factor that leads many to think that Blockbusters is the Android version of Valorant. Both games share the same vibrant graphic style. While the best shooting games like CSGO Mobile or PUBG Mobile use dark colors to simulate fierce battlefields, Blockbusters opts for vibrant colors like Valorant or Fortnite to make the game accessible to players of all ages.

Despite the high definition graphics, Blockbusters is still a pretty light toy. The game can run smoothly on most Android devices.

Fight other players

After completing the initial stage, you can unlock the PvP mode to play against other players. You should use a good Wi-Fi connection to play smoothly. Each match has a rating that makes it clear how the players in that match match your level. Since there are up to 6 people per team in the game, you always keep in touch with your teammates.

Choose the right hero and weapon

Not only the focus on the player’s skill and the ability to use weapons, but the hero is also an important factor. Each hero has its own advantages and disadvantages. In a MOBA game, based on the abilities of each hero and card, you must choose the appropriate role in the squad.

In addition, the weapon system is noteworthy. You can use any weapon, including rifles, shotguns, machine guns, or even melee weapons such as axes, swords. However, you must choose the correct weapon for your chosen character. A hero with a large supply of health can become a tank and attract enemy fire on himself. Heroes with low health and low mobility should use the sniper rifle while standing in a safe place to finish off enemies from afar.


New match mode: Elimination
+ New mode with rounds
+ Short rounds of 3x3
+ Kill all opponents to win the round
+ No revivals within the round
+ Win 3 rounds to win
New map: Dragon Temple
New skill: Immortality
+ Makes the character resistant to all types of damage
New skill: Serial Dash
+ Dash forward up to 3 times
New character skins
+ T1K for Heavy character
+ Princess Anna for Diva character
+ Miss Purr-fect for Robin character
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