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Build a movie theater in this new business simulation idle game
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4 May 2021
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Box Office Tycoon is a cinematic arcade simulation game . You have the opportunity to become the boss of a large cinema, but first you have to sweat developing a small cinema to become the most popular cinema center in your city.

Box Office Tycoon gameplay

To reach your goal, you will have to follow every smallest step. You need to improve your premises to attract more clients. It’s worth buying a popcorn vending machine at the ticket office. This will help raise additional funds because people like to eat popcorn at the cinema.

Then, when there are more people in the theater, you need managers. They will help you work and manage other employees in specific roles. Examples are ticket booths, food / drink kiosks, or a cleaning lady. With a manager with extensive experience and skills, vacancies will be resolved quickly, efficiently and bring you more income.

In the beginning, you are empowered to manage and develop the cinema. It is also an end-to-end challenge for Box Office Tycoon to make it the largest entertainment hub in the city.

Plus, Box Office Tycoon also works when you’re offline. It helps you make money while you sleep. Don’t forget to set up and collect money before leaving the game!

Hire more employees

Managers are an indispensable part of helping keep the theater running smoothly. But in addition to managers, you need to add other employees. The cinema must have a ticket seller, parking attendants and cleaners. They each have a performance indicator, and this performance can be increased if you upgrade them and pay them more. At the same time, productivity is also improved if the manager in that department has good HR skills.

In general, human resources are an integral part of any company. As the theater expands, you will need to hire more staff. Initially, there was only one cash register with an employee. You will have to hire 3, 4 or 5 new employees as soon as new ticket offices are unlocked. At the same time, you also need to hire more cleaners to speed up cleaning and reduce customer waiting times.

Build the largest entertainment center

Cinemas were your main activity and the first activity of Box Office Tycoon . However, this is not the only option, and you can expand your business into other areas of entertainment for more profit.

Fun games and karaoke are great investment topics . You can buy game consoles, build a stage with powerful speakers to attract customers. They will love it and will be willing to pay for more fun!


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