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Bulu Monster - a monster collecting game in Android. Bulu Monster is the most popular game from the publisher Sigma Game Limited.
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Sigma Game Limited
21 May 2021
4.4 and later versions
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Bulu Monster is the most popular game from the publisher Sigma Game Limited. It was released for Android in mid-2013. The game is over 8 years old at the moment, but the developer is still releasing content updates. The game has received hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews on Google Play and has been installed over 5 million times.

Bulu Monster gameplay

Basically, Bulu Monster is like a shortened version of the popular Pokemon game . You create characters for the role-playing game, roam the areas on the map to collect monsters and fight them. Your goal in this adventure is to become the best monster trainer.

The battles in Bulu Monster are pretty simple and familiar. You don’t even need advice from the game if you’ve played Pokemon games before. When the battle begins, the monsters will be sent to the battlefield. Monster skills are displayed at the bottom of the screen. You can choose the appropriate skills to perform every time it is your turn.

The Bulu Monster map is structured like roads. You can choose your direction. As a result, you will face different problems and monsters. When a battle occurs, the screen automatically transitions to the battlefield without asking for your opinion. So be always ready for battle!

Monster system

Bulu Monster has over 150 types of monsters that you can collect and train. During the game, you can catch wild monsters using a ball called the Capture Ball. But to catch them, you need to weaken them in combat and then choose a ball that matches the strength of each species.

In terms of appearance, the monsters are truly impressive. Their motion effects are also very well developed. You can see this when you see how they fight.

Each monster has a relatively detailed system of characteristics and skills. As they play, they will gain experience to level up . HP, damage, speed will be raised to a higher level. In the meantime, new combat skills will be unlocked. Skills can also be upgraded to level 10.

Bulu Monster – complete tasks to get rewards

The task system is updated every day. New challenges also unlock as your journey takes you to the next level. After completing the task, you will receive appropriate rewards, including experience points or even some rare monsters.

NPCs also provide you with quizzes and quests. By interacting with them, you can get additional instructions and information needed to search for treasures.

What is Bulu Point?

Bulu Point is the main currency in Bulu Monster. They are used to buy items from the store and are used to quickly complete tasks. The mod version of the game we found offers infinite Bulu points, so you can buy what you want and complete any challenge.


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