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Crab War is an extremely interesting clicker game from the Malaysian publisher Appxplore. Here you lead an army of mighty crabs to destroy the giant reptiles that have invaded your territory.
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10 May2021
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Crab War is an extremely interesting clicker game from the Malaysian publisher Appxplore. Here you lead an army of mighty crabs to destroy the giant reptiles that have invaded your territory. Enemies are constantly getting stronger, so upgrade your crabs to defeat the invaders.

About the plot in the game Crabs War

Suddenly giant reptiles appeared and take over the territory of crabs. The tiny crabs are forced to hide underground to survive. Centuries later, drawing energy from quartz crystals in the ground, crabs are ready to return to avenge their race and reclaim their territory.


Crab War is an engaging fighting style between a crab army overflowing with giant sea monsters. The controls are extremely simple, you just need to touch anywhere on the screen to summon squads of crabs to attack the enemy. Since the enemy is a giant reptile, you must attack until the enemy’s health drops to 0.

Defeating enemies gives you coins. They are used to develop crabs to increase strength and attack ability. There are many powerful enemies that constantly appear and become stronger. Thus, the player must constantly increase his strength in order to be able to cope with the enemy.

Strong enemies in the game Crab War

The enemies in Crab War are giant sea monsters. They have been raging on the seabed for hundreds of years. So they are very crowded and aggressive. Every time you defeat a monster, another giant, more powerful, always appears. Every time you defeat several small monsters, giant bosses appear . They are stronger and with a huge amount of health, they are able to destroy an army of crabs in just one attack. Monsters will occasionally be encountered, especially golden reptiles, bringing in large amounts of gold.

Upgrade your crabs

To face powerful enemies , you will need a powerful army of war crabs. The system for improving the power of the crab is extremely varied. There are up to 80 different species of evolutionary crabs with different stunning shapes, but the most powerful of these is the king crab. There are 3 different types of crabs that randomly spawn small crabs when you touch the screen:

  • Violet Crab: A fast unit, good at attacking.
  • Emerald Crab: Opens after 50 minutes and can deal critical attacks.
  • Pomegranate Crab: Unlocks after 80 minutes with the ability to deliver powerful hits.

Each crab species has different improvement systems and many evolutionary paths. Evolution increases basic stats such as damage, critical strike speed, movement speed, etc. The higher the level, the player will unlock many new and more powerful crabs. In particular, you can study up to 36 mutations based on different types of DNA with special abilities.

In addition to the battle crabs, players can also improve 6 combat support skills, including summoning a giant crab, increasing the crab’s strength, or increasing the number of crabs spawned per second. There is a cooldown that requires unlocking at every level. Using these skills correctly will lead to amazing results that will help you turn the game around.


- Celebrate the fifth anniversary of Crab War! Collect majestic shells and exchange them for a special reward.
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