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The main action of Farm Dream takes place in a peaceful countryside where you become a farmer and try to create a rich harvest.
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30 April 2021
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The main action of Farm Dream takes place in a peaceful countryside where you become a farmer and try to create a rich harvest.

As a farmer, you have a lot of work to do. From finding new varieties of plants, caring for gardens, keeping livestock and collecting agricultural products. Looking at this to-do list will keep you busy. But first, we’ll start with the basics.

More about the game Farm Dream

You will be given a small plot of land on the farm where you can plant trees and other crops. Sow some seeds you already have and wait for them to grow to harvest. If you do not have one, you can visit the store to buy seeds for the default amount set by the system. In general, the cultivation is fairly straightforward. You don’t need to care for them carefully because sometimes they need watering or fertilization. If all this can be done, the harvest will bring more harvest.

You will gain experience as you play to level up. Then the new content will be unlocked. You can expand your farm, discover new lands to grow more crops, build barns to raise more cattle.

Farm Dream has many types of cows, chickens and sheep. They provide special agricultural products to help you make more money. For example, dairy cows can provide a daily amount of milk. You can build another dairy plant to supply milk to all the inhabitants of the city. Chickens can lay eggs and bakers are happy to partner with you, making you the best egg distributor in town.

However, pets are likely to take more time and effort. You need to build a home for them to live in, feed them every day, take care of them and give them medicine when they are sick.

Chat with your neighbors

The neighbors in the village are very nice. They are kind, ready to help each other in their daily work. You can interact, chat with them, or even trade.

Farm Dream has a marketplace where people can transact with each other. Sometimes you may be short on certain resources or food. You can buy and exchange required items. Of course, the value can be an agricultural product or other resource, not necessarily money. Moreover, the cost is much cheaper.

This deal is very helpful. Everyone can share agricultural products and resources together and help each other grow.

Expand your farm

As I mentioned above, as you play more, you gain access to new content. First of all, high-quality plant varieties. They are more beneficial than short-term crops, helping to quickly improve the economic situation. As a result, you can buy more plots to expand your growing area.

Then you build more cowsheds to scale up livestock production. Build more factories, warehouses, agricultural processing plants and other necessary works. Your farm will gradually expand and grow.

Graphics and sound

Farm Dream gives you a sense of peace. I spent a lot of time relaxing in the game. And for that, thanks in part to the vibrant sound and graphics.

Very calm music played in the background. These are familiar sounds, birdsong, farm animals, gardening tools. Accompanied by cute cartoon images showing relaxing views, friendly animals and neighbors.

The Farm Dream graphics also remind me of another farming game,  Hay Day .


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🔧 We'll continue to improve your experience

🔅 Much requested feature added! You can now see all citizen orders and truck orders in a single overview. Makes it much easier to manage your city! :D

🔅 Added 64bit support.
🔅 Decreased the size of the app in some cases.

🔅 Made a bunch of stability improvements.
🔅 Your game will now run a bit smoother than before :)



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