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Robbery Bob for Android is a game that many people love on mobile devices, because it has a fun gameplay and undemanding graphics that give players the thrill of entering carefully guarded houses in order to steal valuable items .

Robbery Bob for android – funny gameplay

By playing Robbery Bob, you must learn to act like a real thief. At the beginning of the game, you will meet another notorious thief who will tell you about the rules of the game and what you need to do at each level. Start your burglary career from an unsecured home, place an item there, carefully return to the main door of the house and escape. If you feel like it’s too easy, don’t rejoice, because the levels that follow will be much more difficult.

To get the maximum score in the game (3 stars), you must fulfill all three criteria, including not being detected, stealing all the money in the house, and completing within the specified time. It sounds complicated, but it’s good if you find a “hole” in the house and move over without being noticed. In addition, Bob can hide in the bushes, behind the couch, or even in the closet.

Robbery Bob’s controls are easy enough. We will navigate using the virtual key on the left, which allows you to move, and the virtual key on the right, to run (it takes a while to recover). Bob moves stealthily, but makes sounds as he runs to attract the attention of people in the building. In addition, you should close the doors behind you every time you enter the room. This must be done because if the owner discovers that the door is open, he will suspect something and be alert.

3 chapters, 150 leveled

Three chapters, including 150 levels, will take you to different areas of the city. Some chapters require you to use money to access them. Each house has a corresponding level at which a certain security system requires you to find a way to get inside. Guards – They are very dangerous, but their behavior is easy and easy to understand. Also, remember to improve your stealing skills, such as moving faster or increasing your physical strength to run longer.

Graphics and sound

Because Robbery Bob is a fun game whose purpose is to entertain, so the graphics in the game are quite bright and humorous. In addition, the top-down view allows the player to easily view adjacent rooms to see which one is safer. Ads usually appear when you move to a new level, we recommend disconnecting from the Internet or downloading our MOD to get rid of annoying ads.

What's new

Thanks for playing Robbery Bob! We continue to work to improve the game. Download the latest version to enjoy new features, optimizations, and bug fixes.



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