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You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ? There is no plot or prologue in Samurai Flash , you do not know why our hero began to fight the bad guys.
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5 April 2021
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There is no plot or prologue in Samurai Flash , you do not know why our hero began to fight the bad guys. You just know that you need to use your sword to chop down all objects and enemies in your path.

Hold and slide your finger across the screen to control the movement of the samurai, he automatically chops down all enemies. You will be defeated if you fall off a cliff or get hit by an enemy.

If you remove your finger from the screen, it seems that time stops, and the enemy seems to freeze. Take advantage of this to give you time to explore your surroundings and find the best way out of a difficult situation.

Learn more about the gameplay of the game Samurai Flash

Overall, the gameplay of Samurai Flash is free of complexities. The game also has no time limits or special requirements for you. Just destroy all opponents and finish off, and you have gained the maximum number of points. Every 5 levels a boss appears, but it’s pretty easy to defeat him.

If you play for too long, you may find the repetitive gameplay a little tedious and boring. Your only goal is to play, save money and unlock characters and weapons.

Unlock the weapon

After each level, you will receive money depending on the number of objects and enemies destroyed by you. Use this money to unlock weapons in the shop. Samurai Flash currently has 24 types of swords, divided into 4 categories: classic, epic, legendary, mythical.

Weapons in the game only increase your visual experience, but do not affect the strength of the character. Because, firstly, all enemies can be defeated with one blow, no matter what weapon you use. Some weapons will give you special effects when you destroy a target.

Unlock new characters

Why did we mention characters in a separate section? Because the character’s unlocking mechanism is different from the way the weapon is unlocked. Completing a level slightly increases the character unlocking process. After completing the process, watch the promotional video to select a character, or you can skip it. The process will be repeated from the beginning.

Samurai Flash offers you a relatively varied and interesting character system. You can meet familiar characters like Batman, Spiderman , Iron Man, Viking, Santa Claus or Samurai.

In addition, in the store, some characters require you to complete the level required to unlock. You can unblock it for money or for a price using a promotional video.


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