SIERRA 7 is an arcade-style strategy shooter with addicting gameplay, graphics and action. Anyone who loves to shoot should play this game at least once.
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SHD Games
2 October 2020
5.0 and later versions
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SIERRA 7 is an arcade-style strategy shooter with addicting gameplay, graphics and action. Anyone who loves to shoot should play this game at least once.

The game uses only white, black and gray tones and human skin tones. All equipment, from large to small, weapons, shotguns, are made in the same style and color scheme. So, it is very easy and quick to recognize everything on the screen. Nothing distracts you. The mobile version of SIERRA 7 is a shortened version but contains all 13 basic tasks, just like on a PC. The music in the game is also very impressive and unique.

SIERRA 7 – a shooter with excellent graphics

In the game, players will automatically navigate many different areas on the map. This means that when you complete a mission, the system requires you to focus on a specific area on the map in order to destroy the enemy. If you’re tired after a long fight, go somewhere to rest and then come back to continue the shootout with the bad guy. This is a very cool, very humane moment in SIERRA 7, different from the first person shooters I’ve played.

It is this freedom that makes the space of the game, even if only the primary colors, vast and extremely convenient. Hence, the enemies are also varied and not limited in number. You get points after each enemy is defeated. And, depending on the number of points, you, in turn, unlock 38 guns with different firepower, characteristics and shapes, as well as dozens of options for armor and characters.

About the gameplay

Are you wondering how SIERRA 7 is different from the hundreds of other shooting games available on mobile? With a simple touch and a few simple taps, you can feel every reload, hand shake when firing, and the feel of bullets hitting the enemy. From the picture to the sound and some vibrations in the phone, everything was real, which made the gameplay authentic.

The characters in the game, good or bad, I think they all look like Hollywood action superstars. With six abs, firm biceps, strong body and a face mask, they are tough and extremely masculine.


+ Fixed Truck Boss Fight on Streets!
+ Bug Fixes!


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